Biomimicry is a new way to solve problems by looking to nature for sustainable solutions. By mimicking nature's patterns and strategies we can find the answers to many of the big problems we face as a large world population. Food, water, air; the basics are what we need to survive and by being adaptable and looking to nature we can work together towards one common goal: sustainability. At Coastal Redwood Biomimicry we are very involved in BioBlitznature walks using the iNaturalistapp where our loosely knit group can come together to observe all of the awesome things that surround us. We are gearing up for the 2016 Bioneers Conference in San Rafael,CA. in October as well. Colleen Mahoney and AJ Wacaser will be leading a BioBlitz event during the conference. Back in January we organized the first ever BioBlitz Across the Americas event with participants from Berkeley to Brazil.

BioBlitz - iNaturalist

The citizen science observations on will directly contribute to climate change, land use change, conservation and biodiversity science initiatives and provide valuable research data to the to inform climate smart decision making.  Our BioBlitzes are unique in that they utilize functional biology to support the translation of natural observations into potentially game-changing sustainable innovations in order to address our biggest challenges today and tomorrow.