AJ Wacaser

               Biomimicry Specialist

AJ Wacaser is an ecologist, sculptor and biomimicry collaboration social software entrepreneur. In 2008, he launched PlanDone.com and was named by Demo.com and ComputerWorld as one of the innovative leaders in the industry. As CEO, he is responsible for all of PlanDone’s brand strategy and execution. In 2012, AJ worked closely with the California Academy of Sciences as a Docent and the Exploratorium on life science exhibits and public engagement.

In 2013, AJ joined the Advisory Board for AskNature.org.  He has focused on how nature innovates through adaptive prototyping, resilient, emergent and regenerative, sustainable organizations and communities. AJ is interested in how technology can be used to collaborate with nature via sensor networks and iNaturalist bioblitzes.  His final project during the Biomimicry Specialist Certification was recently implemented by AskNature.org using function with iNaturalist.org on smartphones to learn about and from species.  He has over 15 years of experience as a global managing engineer, strategic advisor, analyst, and manager for sustainability programs in the non--profit and for--profit sectors. AJ holds a M.A. in Environmental Science from the University of Illinois.  

        Colleen Mahoney 

                              Biomimicry Specialist

It makes me happy to be out in nature with my kids and seeing them absorb the beauty and wonder in nature brings great joy to my heart.  As an architect, parent, wife, photographer, scuba diver, sustainability leader, Biomimicry Specialist - I have a rich life. Perhaps I will adopt one of my father's sayings: "I'd rather wear out than rust out".  I vigorously embrace life!

I am a fourth generation Californian and love everything about the San Francisco Bay Area.  From the redwood forests to the rolling hills to the majestic Sierras to tide pooling on our coastline, I can't get enough of this beautiful place we live in.  I grew up on a working ranch and I am really a cowgirl at heart.  My parents gave me the gift of an incredible idyllic childhood and they taught me to love nature, and to be generous.

I would like to be remembered for always trying to make the world a better place.

Word and expressions I like: carpe diem, namaste, wonder, harmony, laughter, life, thank you.

A favorite memory: I was water skiing in the shadow of Mt. Konocti on Clear Lake.  The water was like glass, the sun was almost slipping behind the mountain and the reflections across the water were stunning.  I was young and strong and simply in sync with the experience.  I felt at one with the water and skimming across the lake on my ski felt simply perfect and effortless.

         ​Mikhail Davis                                                                       Biomimicry Specialist

​Mikhail Davis is Director of Restorative Enterprise at Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet. In this role, he is responsible for building partnerships that shape the marketplace and support the company’s efforts to become a restorative enterprise. He leads Interface’s product transparency efforts and is editor of the Radical Industrialists column at GreenBiz.com. His is the Co‐Chair of the Materials Working Group of BizNGO and an expert on plastics and recycling.
He has over 14 years of experience as a strategic advisor, analyst, designer, and manager for sustainability programs in the non-­‐profit and for-­‐profit sectors. His previous work includes 3 years as manager to environmental icon David Brower (an original member of Interface’s “Eco Dream Team”) and five years with Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting building sustainable business strategies for Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Sony Pictures, Staples, and Waste Management. He holds a B.S. in Earth Systems-­‐Biosphere from Stanford University.

                          Ken McLellan

                   Biomimicry Specialist

I grew up north of Boston, Massachusetts and quickly fell in love with the outdoors by enjoying all the pastimes that New Englander have surrounding them including hiking, camping, fishing, bicycling and beach combing. It was later as a teenager and by reading about nature through the eyes of Thoreau and others that I really started to better understand and fully appreciate the beautiful outdoors around me.

For my career, I have been extremely fortunate to work in Open Innovation. In this line of work I support Greenworks, Burt’s Bees and other business units of the Clorox Company by identifying growth ideas, building business networks, and optimizing technical partnerships.

I seek to learn about this wonderful concept that so integrally weaves my most important learning passions (evolution, the environment, biology, science and organizational design) into one integrated approach. I look forward to a thrilling journey as both student and practitioner within this exciting new field.

I look forward to join this program as we take a journey to learn all that we can about Biomimicry. I believe Biomimicry will continue transform how we look at everything around us, and also guide us to make better decisions about how to exist within, and not against, nature.


                           Susan Gladwin

                     Biomimicry Specialist

Susan Gladwin leads a strategy consulting practice that builds on her experience in technology marketing combined with a decade of helping organizations achieve success in a sustainable context. Gladwin Consulting works with companies to define and realize their sustainable brand proposition through their products, programs and positioning. Their client list includes Apple, Autodesk, HP, Microsoft, Adobe, PARC, many emerging technology companies, and numerous non-­‐profits. Susan has extensive experience in diverse technology fields from digital media to renewable energy. She co‐developed and taught the sustainability studio course in the MBA in Design Strategy program at the California College of the Arts for four years, was on the faculty at Dominican University’s Green MBA program, and served on the board of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.