Biomimicry in Architecture

      with Michael Pawlyn.

Gecko becomes the biomimicry mascot. 

Consultant uses nature to solve clients' problems. Read more.

biomimicry solutions for climate change

Check out Floating Islands West.

See their video here.

Trees have Social Networks too!

Click here to read the New York Times article.

Congrats to the Climate Innovator Challenge Top Stories. Read More.

Global Design Challenge in Austin.

Watch Video.

 What happens to fishing equipment that gets left behind? 

The Ghosts of Fishers Past 

Biologists and Biomimetics: Geckos and dry adhesives...Read more

See the Bay Area Premiere of DiCaprio's Film "Before the Flood" 

NOAA Marine Debris Program Celebrates 10 Years! Click here for to read on

      Progress is possible.

Solutions for climate change...

The Biomimicry Institute is now an affiliate member of the Circular Economy 100 Program.

Beth Rattner: Designed with the Earth in Mind. Watch the Video.

What if our buildings were grown? Towards a material ecology. Read more.

Reversing Climate Change: How to use 

Biomimicry to draw carbon. See the video

Enter the Biomimicry Global Design                             Challenge!